SP is a creative studio with a focus in architecture, design and digital art. It specializes in providing global solutions to firms within the cultural and creative industries. Based in Paris, Sophie is collaborating with innovative architects with a transversal approach which combines expertise and experimentation.

> Designer of content and cultural events, management of artistic projects (exhibition, lecture, opening, international architectural mission, etc.)

> Develop communication strategies and content writing (visual identity, content, digital marketing, edition, website, etc.)

> Create connections within a creative prospective international network to facilitate new opportunities.

Clients - Dominique Perrault (Paris, Geneve, Madrid), XTU architects (Paris),  Jakob + MacFarlane (Paris), 1024 Architecture (Paris), Jorge Ayala (Mexico), Slice Lab (New York), Adhoc Architects (Montreal), VEI architectes (Paris), Index Design (Montréal) etc.